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“Lisa’s enthusiasm, training and leadership has given me a brand new approach to running my business online. Not only am I having more success, but I am enjoying what I do so much more than before. She helped me realize and understand that I am so much more than a ‘Product Pusher’ in this industry. I’m so excited about the future and know that the sky is the limit.”

Livvy Cunningham


“I found Lisa on the internet after months of struggling in my business. Her presence really resonated with me and I was stuck to her like super glue. We connected on Facebook and after an amazing conversation, I decided to her marketing team because I saw they were crushing it. I joined her team at 9:30am and at 4:22pm I had my FIRST SIGN UP! Get with Lisa Today!

Brittany Keller


“After being in the industry for a few months and getting pretty poor results I decided I needed to learn to market effectively or get out. I went online to figure out how to market like a pro. And what I found was Lisa Torres. From that very moment Lisa become my mentor and my friend. So has helped me go from 0 results in my business to fabulous results in a very short time. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with Lisa Torres and I will forever be grateful to her for what she has done for me.”

Erin Birch


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