If you are looking to learn How To Sell MLM Products With Facebook Posts…then get excited about this video and blog post because I'm going to share with you how I generated 160 leads and 2 sales in 2 days from one Facebook fan page post.

Let me ask you a question…have you ever posted on your Facebook fan page just to find out that there were more crickets than you'd care to hear?

I know…I get it….that used to happen to me too.

But things have changed since then since I started focusing on being very very strategic with my Facebook fan page posts to sell my MLM products, yet at the same time, keeping it really really simple.

If you guys have been following me for some time now, you know that I am the queen of simplicity.

Watch this video to see how to do it the right way:


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How To Sell MLM Products With Facebook Posts

So, if you want to promote your MLM products on your fan page, you have to do 3 very important things for this to work…

1) You MUST know who your target market is, what their pain points are…and how to solve their problems. Remember, this is not about creating pitch fests, it's about solving the problems of people who would be most interested in your MLM products.

2) You MUST create curiosity: Creating curiosity is simple. All you need to do is share a simple compelling story without mentioning your company name. That's it! You have to learn how to master the ‘ENTICING GAME”…where you entice prospects to take action.

3) You MUST Give a call to action. You have to tell people what to do or they won't do anything. So, what is a call to action? It's very simple…”Click Here To Download My Free Video on how I went from Zero Leads to 100 in 24 hours”….or…”Type YES If You Want To Learn How I Lost 30 pounds in 90 days without dieting.” Those are some ideas of very powerful call to actions that you must include in your posts.

So there you have it those are my 3 tips on getting more people to buy your MLM products from your fan page.

How To Sell MLM Products With Facebook Posts

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