When it comes to creating the best email subject lines that convert your leads into sales, you must first understand their pains and frustrations if you want them to pull out their credit card and buy from you.

When I send out emails to my list…

…my main goal is to always make sure that my content is based on pure value that identifies problems and offers solutions.

And over the past 10 years that I have been studying and practicing email marketing, I can tell you that the most important aspect of an email is the subject line.


Because it is the very first thing that your prospect (the person with the money in their bank account) see's.

One of the reasons why so many entrepreneurs fail at converting people into their business as a customer, rep, client, etc…

…is because they always lead with a pitch instead of value.

Remember….VALUE FIRST, and then sales will follow.

Your emails can't always be a pitch fest on trying to get people to buy your product or service or join your business opportunity.

That hardly ever works.

The bulk of the emails that you send out should focus more on creating solutions to problems that will get your prospect excited to buy from you.

In today's video I'm going to share with you 8 components in my best email subject lines that I want to point out to you so you can get the best results when using creating your emails.

Watch the video here:


[FREE PDF] My 15 Best Email Subject Lines That Convert Into Sales

To crush your competition, it is an absolute  necessary that you learn how to start incorporating the value-first strategy into your email marketing efforts and not always sending promotional emails.

If you're not providing value to your prospects, they will stop opening up your emails because they know it is going to be just another pitch fest and you’ll miss out on making tons of sales and relationship-building opportunities.

Now, here are the 8 components that you need to learn in order to utilize my Top 15 Best Email Subject Lines:

1. The “What's In It For Me” Email:

These kinds of subject lines can make you a lot of bread and butter.

They speak directly to your prospects on a very specific topic that benefits them if they open up your email.

These kinds of subject lines will allow you to pre-qualify your readers by giving them a sneak peek of what your email is about.

2. The Curiosity Email:

This type of email is complete opposite of the ‘what's in it for me' email.

With curiosity emails, you're just basically piquing their interest without giving away the farm.

3: The Blatant Offer (Free or Paid) Email:

Let's face it…people LOVE to buy or get things for free, probably just like you do.

Well guess what? So do the people on your mailing list.

Being very clear in the subject line on what they are getting will allow you to get straight to the point with your prospects when they open up your email.

4: The Urgency or Scarcity Email:

This one right here is POWERFUL! This type of email forces your prospects to act now. However, sending too many of these lead to a bunch of unsubscribes. So be careful. Only send this type of email if your urgency or scarcity is true.

5: The Humanity Email:

This type of email requires you to be a HUMAN…not just a person with a business trying to sell something (or adding value to make sales).

So every now and then, just send a heart felt email to your subscribers and thank them for being on your list. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Ask them to connect with you on social media or even to start a chat with you.

6. The Newsflash Email:

Sharing information with your subscribers about news that you came across that has to do with your niche makes you look like the authority.

So keep your readers in the loop with trends and things like that.

7. The Social Proof Email:

Social proof is a great way to help your subscribers make a buying decision. Sharing stories, results, proof, etc is a great way to make sales via emails.

8. The Storytelling Email:

Remember…fact tell, stories sell. Keep that in mind. People love to read a good story. They want to know does it work and will it work for them. And if they see other people just like them having success, that will inspire them to take action and buy.

[FREE PDF] My 15 Best Email Subject Lines That Convert Into Sales

So there you have it, those are the 8 components for crafting amazing emails that work well with my Top 15 Best Email Subject Lines that convert leads into sales.


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