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So in my last video, I asked you if you wanted for me to share with you some of the formats that you can use to share valuable contents on Facebook.

Most of you responded with a yes and so here is the video where I talked about 10 effective ways to share your content to generate 10+ leads a day and 2-5 sales per week!

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 10 Ways To Share Valuable Content On Facebook To Generate 10+ Leads a Day and 2-5 Sales Per Week

Some of the top formats you can deliver your content in are:

Livestreams  – if you want to do it for free, you may do it through your regular Facebook wall. If you want to reach more audience, you may pay a boost and do it on your Facebook fan page.

Upload Pre-recorded Videos-  a lot of us do this already.

Blog post – another common and effective format you can use.

PDF Downloads – great way to create content.

Facebook notes – I don’t really use this but I’ve seen marketers using this effectively.

Images and Infographs – there are a lot of free tool that you can use to make these, Canva is one of my favorites.

Webinars – you all know that I’m a big fan of webinars. I think it’s a fantastic way to add a ton of value and then segway people into buying whatever it is that you offer.

Conference Calls – hot back then, today and the days to come.

Podcasts – you can even do a podcasts right here on Facebook.

Text Format – can’t get any simpler than that.

10 Ways To Share Valuable Content On Facebook To Generate 10+ Leads a Day and 2-5 Sales Per Week

So now that you have the formats, what are the contents that you can deliver from each one? Let me help you on that with a few examples.

With livestreams, pretty much anything. Say for example you are in health and wellness niche, you can perhaps do a cooking show, share a recipe and then at the end, segway to whatever it is, service or product, that you offer.

Teaching people how to do things and sharing valuable info like how I screenshared some stuff for you in my last video is also a good thing you can deliver through your formats.

When promoting your own webinars, you can do Facebook live. I can also do that through an image on my Facebook post. Or maybe a podcast.

Sharing behind-the-scenes through a video or an image. People are naturally nosy which is why reality TVs are hot right now.

So if you’re sharing behind-the-scenes, they’re most probably going to be interested.

10 Ways To Share Valuable Content On Facebook To Generate 10+ Leads a Day and 2-5 Sales Per Week

Success stories, you can go out there and share your own or your team member’s successful results through a video or an image.

Interviews, reach to people who are having success with your products, or your business opportunity, or your coaching courses and have them on your webinars or your podcasts.

Product reviews, I always tell people to avoid spamming people with their products. There’s a proper place to do that.

Like the fan page for that specific product, posts all your product reviews there.

Youtube videos, you can shoot a video or a live broadcast and upload it on there.

These are just some of the few example of contents I talked about in the video that you can use for the formats given above. You may watch the entire video to learn more.

And that’s it. I hope you got loads of value from this. If you do, please comment and share away!

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