Normally I do a videocast each week…however, I had to turn this episode into a podcast because my video was all jacked up for whatever reason and I surely didn't want to reshoot it. The show must go on…

In today's episode, I'm going to share with you one of my Facebook Recruiting Secrets that I use in my business. It has converted TONS of leads and sales not only for me…but for my coaching clients as well.

So, with that being said….let's jump right into it:

My Facebook Recruiting Secret

facebook recruiting

My Facebook Recruiting Secret

[00:05] I absolutely love my Facebook Recruiting Secret. I love everything about Facebook. Facebook is like my virtual Home Office. That's exactly what it's like.

It is a place for me to not only connect with new people but connect with my prospects, connect with my customers and my team members and I see a lot of people on Facebook doing it all wrong and you might be one of those people that I explained in this video, but it's okay because I actually used to be this type of person too and I'm not anymore.

And you're not going to be after you watch this video either.

So what was this person that I actually used to be? I used to be the type of person and that would post pictures of my products on my wall with the logo and I would be like this brand for my network marketing company and here's why that doesn't work….

[01:06] I know you're excited about building your business. I know you're excited about signing up new customers and enrolling new reps inside of your business. But here's the thing….

If you are blatantly posting your pictures of your products and people can see the logo and they can see the name of the company, what happens is that if someone is seeing that right there, they're seeing you post those kinds of things on Facebook and if they have any kind of curiosity whatsoever…and believe me they do…

…they will go to Google and type in the name of the company and there's a possibility that they might find something that is not so good because let's face it, it's like Walmart and target, all of them, all of the network marketing companies, all companies have bad reviews on the Internet. You just can not run from it. It comes with building a successful business.

[02:06] Then you're probably asking yourself, well, Lisa, if I don't promote my products and services, you know by blatantly telling people what it is, then how am I supposed to build my business? How are people supposed to know? You know what it is that I promote?

Well, I'm going to tell you right now, the reason why I was able to enroll 8 people from a one Facebook post was because I created curiosity. Curiosity wins over promotion any day of the week, and you have to start learning how to create curiosity instead of blatantly promoting.

You're just throwing your product up all over your social media wall. Nobody cares because here's the deal…

What happens if you decide tomorrow that you don't want to be with that company anymore?

Well, now you've created this whole wall, you know, just flooded with this company, products all over it, but now here you are promoting a new company the next day or what if the company shuts down and now you have to go and look for another company to promote.

[03:14] But again, now you know, you've branded yourself as this, you know, this x, y, z shake girl, right? Or this x, Y, z supplement chick, right? Or you know, this a credit repair dude from Xyz Company, and I'm telling you this because I know that it works and what do I know?

I mean, I've only recruited 8 people from one Facebook post in one day with my Facebook Recruiting Secret.

No, but seriously, I'm telling you, creating curiosity wins over self promotion or you know, product promotion, any day of the week.

See, the thing about it is that people actually do want to join someone. They don't necessarily want to buy a product and most of the time they don't even know that they need the product that you have to sell or the service that you have to offer.

Most of the time they don't know that they need it, but it is your job as the entrepreneur to show up with curiosity every single day and to educate and inspire and motivate people to take action.

[04:23] That's really ultimately what it's all about. That is how you recruit tons of people on social media, specifically Facebook.

Facebook is not a search engine. No one is coming to Facebook to look for your products and services. No one wants to log into their Facebook account and you just see a whole bunch of products or you know, posts from you just blatantly pitching your thing.

No one wants to see that. Think about it. Do you want to log into your Facebook account and see that on your wall? Probably not. So why you do it yourself?

Why not stand out from everybody else in your company that actually is, you know, doing what the company is telling them to do and that is promoting their products and services all over the place. Why don't you stand out and be different?

[05:14] Why don't you step out of that box that your company is putting you in and instead start thinking like an entrepreneur that you were destined to be and instead start using my Facebook Recruiting Secret?

So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to read my notes right here and I am going to read to you two examples that I posted that actually helped me personally sponsor or enroll new members into my business from two of these posts that I'm going to share with you right now.

So the first was a video of my daughter and I dancing to “I will survive”…. It was a game and we were just dancing and doing the moves together.

[06:02] Okay, so anyway, we were dancing together and texts for that video said this:

“Say Goodbye to Chubby Lisa. In 14 weeks I will be 15 pounds lighter!”

You see how that's a little bit more exciting than “here's my product…this is my new business…look at my logos….this is what I'm doing….who's going to join me?”…

My Facebook Recruiting secret is much better because no one can see that post and go to google to find out anything from anyone or see any bad reviews from anyone or find any other leaders to join.

I never mentioned the name and that's exactly what I want you to do. Don't mention the name. Create curiosity. Let me share the second one with you now…

So the next post was a picture of my green water.

[06:59] I named it “green water”. That wasn't the name. That's not the product name, but I gave it its own name and I called it green water and this is what I said:

I love my green water every morning. It's plant based. I feel so alive. I already lost 6 pounds. Who wants the recipe?

You see how simple that was? Who's going to say no to that? I lost six pounds from some green water. Who wants the recipe? I'm pretty sure that if you saw that post, you would comment if you needed to lose weight too, you would comment “what's in that water”?

I never mentioned the name, I never posted a picture of the actual products. I had it in a clear cup and it was green water and I literally showed them a picture of the green water and that was it.

[07:56] And all I said was “I love my green water every morning. It's plant based. I feel so good. I already lost 6 pounds. Who wants the recipe?” That was it.

And that is my Facebook Recruiting Secret that I just shared with you.

Keep it really, really simple and I'm going to throw in one more tip for you….

Create your own Hashtag.

When you create your own Hashtag and you put it inside of your posts with your videos or your pictures or even just your texts with no pictures and no videos….

What's going to happen is people are nosy and they're going to click on the Hashtag and if you know for let's say three months, you've been using this Hashtag, well, when they click on that, it's going to take them to a different news feed that shows all of your posts using that Hashtag.

[08:55]Think about it, have you ever tried clicking on somebody's Hashtag? Where does it take you? It takes you to another feed on Facebook with a list of all the people that have used that Hashtag, but if it's your Hashtag, the only one that's going to be on that newsfeed is you.

So that's my Facebook Recruiting Secret for you today, is to create your own Hashtag and start using it inside of your post for your videos, your texts, status updates, or even your image updates as well.

So hope you got some value from this video. If you did, make sure that you let me know down below in the comments and also if you're watching me on YouTube right now, click the subscribe button and there's a little bell right next to it and make sure you click that because what happens is when you click that, every time I upload a brand new video, you're going to get an email notification.

[09:50] I have something free to share with you. It is my Attraction Marketing Content That Converts just like the ones I shared with you in this video. I have a whole lot more to share with you to create content that actually converts leads and sales inside of your new business.

It's a free 14 minute video and what I'm going to do is I'm going to share with you seven of my proven to convert attraction marketing content that helped me generate almost 10,000 leads, over 640 sales in almost $340,000 just from one program.

So, if you want to grab that, click here now.

facebook recruiting


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