How To Build A Following On A Shoestring Budget

Shoestring Budget

A lot of you are just getting started in business and you are trying to figure out how to build a huge, loyal following.

In this video, I will talk to you guys about how to build an audience on a shoestring budget.

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How To Build A Following On A Shoestring Budget

You don’t need a budget to start!

Yes, you heard that right. You don’t really need a shoestring budget, or a budget at all, to build a following. I hope that’s music to your ears.

With all he social media platforms where you can gather audiences for free, it is more than possible to actually build a following with zero budget.

And I get it, it could get a little too overwhelming but you can always go ahead and start with one and master it.

How To Build A Following On A Shoestring Budget

So you have already established a page or a channel or a blog with zero budget. Now in order for you to actually build a following, your audience need to want to come to your wall or check your channel or read your blog ON THEIR OWN and DELIBERATELY.

And when it comes to building an audience, people will only follow you if you have valuable content. What does that mean?

Say I’m trying to market a bottle of water. I won’t just go and spam people’s timeline with pictures of my water so they would buy and that’s it.

What I’m going to do is make a video, a blogpost, maybe a social media image, a livestream and any piece of content base around something that can segway into my bottle of water.

So if people are going to search or see my live and they’re interested in knowing more about my bottled water then I’m going to ahead and make content about its benefits and where to find it. Then at the end a call-to-action that would lead them to check out my product.

It’s putting valuable information out there that can help your audience get some breakthroughs and eventually buy your product.

How To Build A Following On A Shoestring Budget

Now that you know the concept of establishing a following and adding value, the sales will start to come in. And when they do, this is the perfect time for you to build a budget.

What I would recommend is when the sales do start to come in, you take at least, 50% and scale it up to make an even bigger following.  By running a Facebook ad, for example.

That’s it, the process is super simple. If you want to make more sales in your business then you have to start generating more leads.

All you really need to do is think about what product do I have and what kind of content can I create around it that is informative and educational that I could put out there in social media.

There’s a gazillion ways to build your business on the internet with a shoestring budget. Then when the sales start to come in, you could use half of it to advertising to generate more leads and more sales.

Then you could just duplicate the process over and over again and before you know it you have this big loyal following of people who are hungry and eager to get the content that you have to share.

So that is how you build an audience with a shoestring budget or no budget at all! Thank you for watching and I hope you find value.

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How To Get Unstuck From “Learning Mode”

How To Get Unstuck From "Learning Mode"

So today, I want to teach you guys how to get unstuck from learning mode.

Many of you have come to me and complained about yourselves being stuck in learning mode. There are a lot of trainings out there, there are a lot of great strategies that you can be implementing in your business… lots of them.

The worst thing that you want to do is get stuck in just always learning and learning and learning. So how do you get unstuck from learning mode?

How To Get Unstuck From “Learning Mode”

It’s really simple, here’s what I do.

I am always learning and growing and I would highly recommend that you guys do the same thing, not just about learning and then not taking action but learning something simple and taking action on it.

So how do you go about doing that? What’s the very first thing that I do?

First I ask myself, “What do I want to learn?” Pretty simple, right?

I have very specific income-producing activities during the week. What I do on the weekend is to ask myself, “What is it that I can learn right now to up my game, to add to my skill set?”

I do it on the weekends!

So right now if you guys are learning during the week and you are still not implementing and you are still stuck in your business, then that’s my simple strategy.

Learn something on the weekend, take down all the notes that you need to take down and use the weekdays to implement the things that you learn.

It doesn’t have to be that you learn a bunch of things. You know like Youtube prospecting, Facebook marketing or social media ads, you don’t have to do all these things all at once.

That’s where a lot of people start. They start watching leaders and these leaders do trainings, they’re jumping on webinars, getting on calls and all of these different things.

So they’re trying to learn as much as they can, which is great, but that is where people fail. When you’re trying to learn all of these things all at once and then jumping on again to different things without applying the first things first.

Last week you were on a webinar, you learn something and never apply it. Then next week here’s another webinar, now you’re learning again and not applying.

Basically, you’re stuck in this learning mode forever and you’re not actually producing real results.

How To Get Unstuck From “Learning Mode”

So this is what I do. I take the weekend, I watch a webinar or a Youtube video, or maybe login to the back office of one of my training sites.

I go and watch this specific training, take my notes and then I will plan my attacks for next week. That’s basically the simple way of tackling different things that I want to learn and implement in my business.

Anybody can do that. Do the learning on the weekend and then implement during the week. It’s just basically one thing that you have to learn how to do and go do it.

Here’s the story…

Last weekend, many of you know about ManyChat. It’s basically an automated tool that you can use for your Facebook fanpage to get people to type specific keywords and then the bot basically sends them a message of whatever it is that you want to send them.

So for a few months now, all of my marketing friends have been using ManyChat and getting amazing results with it and I just didn’t have the time to dig in to that training and figure out how to do it. I just never really did it.

I learned about it, I understood what it does and I understood how to use it but I never really took the time to actually sit down and figure out how to put it all together.

So what I did was, last weekend, I took the time to learn how to setup my ManyChat account and link it with my Facebook profile to send out an automated message to people that set a specific keyword.

I set that up by simply setting the day during the weekend, figuring out what I need to do, step by step, pausing and playing and I’d go rewind it if I didn’t get something. I’d watch it again and again until I can figure it out.

When I did this, it took me about 15 to 20 minutes to watch the actual webinar and to take my notes step by step.  Sunday night came and I wanted to launch it for Monday, and I want to run my ad for the rest of the week all the way up until the next Monday.

I set the whole thing up on a Sunday night and then as soon as the ad was approved, the people start commenting and I was getting a flood of people typing a specific keyword, and then I just sat back.

How To Get Unstuck From “Learning Mode”

What’s happening is that the leads are just coming through and I’m just sitting there watching it and I got to do whatever I want. That’s what you call freedom.

That’s what you call leverage, that’s automation. When you could learn to take the time to learn something up, go out and implement it not get stuck in this whole learning zone.

Get out of that mentality of needing to learn everything and start actually learning something simple and put it into action so that you could start producing results.

It was about 200+ leads that I got from that ad and I wouldn’t be able to just sit back, relax and watch it happen if I didn’t take the time to go and learn something and then go apply it and produce results with it.

That is how to get unstuck from this whole learning mode. You think you have to be always learning something but what is the point of that if you’re not going to actually start implementing whatever it is that you are learning.

I just take whatever I want to learn now and then I just go do it and the I go and get a result.  That simple.

If you got some value from this, please comment and share away! Have a great day, everyone!

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Lisa Torres
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6 Step Process To Make 3+ Sales Per Day In Any Business

3+ Sales Per Day

Yes, I said per day. I didn’t say weekly, not monthly but daily. How many of you are making 3+ sales a day in your business?

I don’t care what it is that you’re promoting. If it’s an affiliate program, network marketing, your coaching program, a product that you created or a course, whatever it is….

Tell me, are you making 3+ sales daily?


6 Step Process To Make 3+ Sales Per Day In Any Business

Well, if you are not then welcome because I’m going to share with you some things that will help you kind of hopefully tweak your mindset a little bit. This is not only just a mindset issue but a strategy issue as well.

There was one point in my business, when I first started, that I wasn’t making 3+ sales daily.

Now that I know the process and the formula, the mindset and the strategy, I’m able to get 3 or 5 even 10 sales in a day.

And that’s what I want to share with you today!

6 Step Process To Make 3+ Sales Per Day In Any Business

We have to understand that when it comes to making sales, recruiting and sponsoring people, it is a process and nothing more. It is simply a process.

The truth is that, I didn’t start making 3+ sales daily until about 3 years ago. That’s because it’s a process, I had to go through the rain in order to get to the rainbow.

And that’s cool because everybody has their story. Everybody has their journey that they’re going through and some people are going to produce faster results than others and some people would take years to produce results.

So understand that making sales is a process, sponsoring is a process, prospecting is a process, marketing is a process. Once you understand the process, then everything becomes easier.

The thing is, it’s not going to work overnight. You have to plant the seed in order to reap your harvest.

Add Value To Your Prospects Life Through Marketing and Through Prospecting

Through marketing, meaning that you’re a content that is valuable. Also when you’re chatting with someone in Facebook or when you’re talking with somebody on the phone, be that servant leader.

Be the person that wants to show up and serve instead of just thinking about getting a sale. Yes, you would want to make sales but once you have dollar signs in your eyeballs, that’s never going to work.

The way that you can create 3+ sales a day is by adding value to people’s lives in the form of marketing and prospecting. What’s going to happen after you have mastered marketing and prospecting is that the prospect is going to just recruit themselves.

When you do it the right way, they’re just going to raise their hands and say they’re ready to buy.

Never Ever Prejudge Someone

I don’t know if you guys remember but I posted something on my wall about one of my one-on-one coaching clients. She was sharing about her frustrations and a story about how she prejudged someone because of way they looked.

They didn’t show up to one of her calls. However, they did follow up and apologized.

She prejudged their inability to show up to the call they had scheduled and the way that they look. In her mind she was thinking he can’t afford so she just kind of blew him off.

So what happened was, she found that he eventually joined someone else because she never followed up with him.

Understand That It’s A Numbers Game

It is a numbers game. For example if you’re only prospecting one or two people a day, how do you expect to make 3+ sales per day.

If you want to make 3+ sales per day, you need to start putting your prospects through a funnel, on a calendar, creating follow-up plan of action. Again, start planting these seeds so eventually those prospects will sprout and become team members, customers and coaching clients.

The more people you talk to, the more content you create. I’m not talking about doing one thing a week or one thing a month, I’m talking about showing up everyday with valuable content  and then also speaking with people everyday and setting a number of people to talk to every single day.

6 Step Process To Make 3+ Sales Per Day In Any Business

Ask Questions and Offer Solutions

When you are going out there speaking to your prospects, you have to make sure that you’re asking questions. Find out what their problem is.

Have a natural friendly conversation with them because you just never know where that conversation is going to lead to. You don’t know what kind of pain points that you’re going to pull out from that person.

When you get a pain point then you figure out if your product is going to solve your problem. Then it’s easier to make a sale because it’s easier to offer that person a solution to their problem.

Stop Thinking That You Know Everything And Start Using Other People’s Stories

You may just be getting started in your business. You may not have any sales, you may not be generating any leads but you know a whole bunch of other people who are in your company.

Why not leverage what somebody else has already created. Stop thinking that you know everything.

I’ve personally coached people who started from scratch and didn’t know anything and went on to start generating leads, daily sales and 6-figure business.

It’s not about you, it’s about what you can offer to people. If you have to sue other people’s success stories to, at least get started, then do that until you create your own stories.

Follow Up Immediately   

Create a sense of urgency when you’re speaking to people. Work on the emotions that they told you in that conversation where you ask them questions about what they need.

For example somebody ask me to send them the link, I don’t just send them the link and then walk away and then never follow up with them.

I’m going to follow up with them whether they have watched the video or have opened the link and so and so. You have to create a sense of urgency, are they in or are they out.

So if you got some value from this, then go ahead and share it and let me know what your major breakthrough was out of those 6 because I would loooove to know!

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Lisa Torres
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How To Get A YES or NO Out Of Your Prospects

How To Get

So your prospect says, “send me the link” so you send them the link but they never buy. They never follow up with you to say yes or no.

So how do you go about following up on that prospect and getting them to make a decision. It’s either you’re in or you’re out.

5 Day Facebook Prospecting Challenge

How To Get A YES or NO Out Of Your Prospects

I wanted to do this video because I’ve been speaking to a lot of people lately, especially with people on one-on-one conversations in my brand new Social Engagement Academy. I’ve been kind of just behind the scenes poking around and asking questions, trying to find out what people have been struggling with.

This problem came up. “I send people link but they never follow up or they ignore me” whatever the case may be.

So I kind of want to address basically what I do to get a yes or a no because let’s face it, not everybody is going to take action regardless if they said the link or not.

How do you follow up with that person to get a yes or a no, basically making a buying decision.

So I am having a conversation with someone, they reach out to me because they want “the link”, they want to “check it out”. What’ the process after that?

If I post something out there, let’s say it’s a live stream, a video on YouTube or a blog or a Facebook ad, and somebody reaches out to me and says, “send me the link”, I’m not going to send them the link.

I don’t want to send them the link just yet. I want to know the problems that they are facing right now because once I know then I can figure out if my product would be a perfect fit.

Would my product help them?

Would it be a solution to whatever their problems are?

I don’t send the link right away to someone. I want to know what they’re struggling with so I can use that as my way of coming back to them when they don’t want to answer me, they don’t reply or they ignore my message.

I want to use that as my tool to get somebody to a yes or no answer.

If someone comes to me and they’d say, “send me the link” then I start asking questions depending on what kind of link they’re asking me for.

It could be for a product, could be for an affiliate program, a business opportunity or it could be one of my coaching programs. I want to find out why you want my link, what do you want to know and what are you struggling with. That’s the very first thing.

How To Get A YES or NO Out Of Your Prospects

Once I found out what they’re struggling with then this is what I do.

Let’s say for example, they come to me and they say, “I’m struggling to get leads and convert those leads into sales”. Which is what most people come to me for because that is what I’m marketing.

I teach people lead generation, prospecting, closing, recruiting and all those stuff. I branded myself as that go-to person for my followers to come to me if they have questions about those things.

So I’m not just going to go ahead and send them the link. I am going to say, “What are you doing right now that you’re not getting results with?.”

I want them to come and tell me. So for example they say, “I’ve been doing Facebook live but no one’s commenting, no one’s liking”.

If I know I have something that could help them with that problem then I know I could send them the link they’re requesting.

So then I could tell them I understand where they’re coming from because I’ve been there and done that.  The first step is to relate to them.

Then after that I’d say, “If I can show you how to do (whatever their problem is), would you want to know how to do that?” Naturally, they’re going to say, “Yes! Show me how to do that”

I still don’t send them the link then.

I say, “If I send you a link to a video, would you watch it?”. And I just wait. If they yes they can watch it, I ask them when they can watch it.

So if they say, “I’ll watch it at 8 tonight.” I say, “Okay then I’ll send you the link at 8 tonight” and I follow up on them then.

Why do I do that? Because I want to know that they’re going to watch it right now.

On top of that, I also want to know how long it would take for them to watch the video. I want them to give me a commitment on when they’re going to watch the video.

So you let’s say they gave out their commitment to watch that video and they have not gotten back to you yet. You checked your email and see if they have signed and they still have not signed up.

What I do is I reach out to that person and say, “Hey, did you get a chance to watch the video that you said you’re going to watch at 8?”

If yes, “what did you like about it?” If they tell me it sounds great and it’s something they’re looking for, “Great, sounds like you’re ready to get started”.

If they say they’re ready to get started then I send them the link for them to sign up. I say, “I’ll see you inside and once you’re there I’ll get you started”

I’ve gotten tons of yes on that but I also have gotten a bunch of people who said no they can’t afford it or you know, making up some excuses.

If they want to make up excuses then I just throw back at them the things I got from asking them questions firsthand.

I usually say, “Okay, well you said you wanted to learn how to generate leads and convert them into sales. Sounds to me like you no longer want that? Or do you have any additional questions?”


How To Get A YES or NO Out Of Your Prospects

So I’m going to keep probing until they make a decision. Now if it really is a money decision and they really don’t have the money to get started, I sometimes help find them ways to be able to.

Like, I have affiliate programs with the products and courses I’m selling. What I do is I get them to my affiliate program, which is free, and have them promote my course and give them 50% so when they get a commission they can come back to me and be able to afford it.

What I’m saying is there are a million and one strategic ways to get a prospect to say if they’re in or out. Make sure that you put on your thinking cap to try to help them get started as soon as possible.

If they don’t want to sell my product, let’s see if I can get you financed. I mean there are always next steps on how you can get somebody get started.

If you ask me for the link, it means you wanted to join and I expect to see an email that you joined. If you didn’t, I’m going to follow up with you to see why you didn’t join.

Maybe they didn’t get the time to watch the video, maybe they have some questions. So I ask if they have more questions.

My goal is to get a yes or a no. There is no in-between. It’s either you’re in or you’re out.

Don’t be afraid to follow up with your prospects. If somebody is asking you for a link, it’s because they’re ready to take action.

If you enjoy this video then please comment and share!

Also, make sure that you guys join my FREE 5-Day Facebook Prospecting Challenge where I’m going to be teaching you one simple strategy a day for the next 5 days starting next week . You can get access to that by clicking below!

5 Day Facebook Prospecting Challenge


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3 Step Plan For 2018 Success

step plan for success

I wanted to share with you guys just a simple process that I usually go through. It’s the very first step in creating my plan for the year.

5 Day Facebook Prospecting Challenge

3 Step Plan For 2018 Success

Step one is I write down all the income-producing activities that you want to do.

Do you want to get into blogging, do you want to get into creating Youtube videos, do you want to do Facebook ads, Instagram , Twitter or Pinterest.

What is it that you want to accomplish in your business? Where do you want to build the following? Where do you want to be found, where do you want to be seen?

What platforms do you want to brand yourself on? There’s a gazillion and one platforms out there but honestly you do not have to use every one of them. I don’t.

I mean, yes I have an Instagram account and I have a Twitter account but I don’t use all of them because it’s just not my platform. Mine are more of Youtube and Facebook – those are my two main platforms because it is where I created the most success.

So I’m going to keep using and mastering the platforms that I know have produced results for me.

Now, am I saying that other platforms do not produce results? Absolutely not because I know people that are on Twitter, on Pinterest and on Instagram that are absolutely crushing it in their business because that the platform that they chose to hang out on, add content and build a following.

So once you figure out what your 2 or 3 platforms you want to be on then master the ones that you’re good at. You really don’t need to be on all social media platforms.

3 Step Plan For 2018 Success

Number two! Write down your plan of action for each of those social sites.

And they’re different. Youtube is not Pinterest, it’s a different animal. Youtube is different from blogging.

So figure out what is your plan of action for each of the social media sites.

How are you going to be using these sites?

What kind of content are you going to be creating on those sites?

How often are you going to be updating those sites?

These are the things that you should think about when you develop these step plan of actions for each of those social sites.

3 Step Plan For 2018 Success

And number three is, which of the tasks you’ve written are you going to do yourself and which are going to teach somebody else and outsource?

If you are trying to create freedom in your life. If you’re trying to spend more time with your kids and your spouse.

If you’re trying to go out and have a 7-hour lunch like I do! Lol I usually leave my house around 1 or 2 in the afternoon and I usually don’t come back until 5 or 6 at night.

It’s because I’m out doing the things that I like to do, whatever that may be – having fun with my family, picking up my daughter and just do some fun activities.

If you want to create freedom, the first thing that you need to do is to try to figure out which one of those tasks are you going to be responsible for and which ones are you going to outsource to someone else.

Let me give you an example.

Obviously, I have to show up everyday and do these live streams. I’m the one that has to figure out what content am I going to create in my live streams for you guys.

Now, I like to take my live streams and turn them into blog posts, into Youtube videos, run some ads with them and post them in groups. Well, I don’t want to sit here all day doing that.

So what I do is I show up and provide value to you guys every single day and then I have my assistant, she logs on to my Facebook account, she goes to my wall and downloads my videos and then she goes and uploads it to Youtube with SEOs and all that. Then she makes a blog post with images and links and call-to-actions and then she goes and syndicates it for the day.

The only thing I do is when she’s done, I log in to my AWeber account and email it to my list. That’s the extent of my production of the day, as far as my live streams are concerned.

And then what I do is, if I want to run an ad to my video, I upload it to my Facebook fan page and then simply run an ad to it.

My time is much more valuable than money. So I choose to choose the things that I like to do, that’s creating the content.

I don’t like creating the blog post, I don’t like sitting there wasting time waiting for the videos to upload, SEO and putting links and all that stuff. I don’t want to do it.

There are certain things that I refuse to do in my business because my time is much more valuable to me. I’d rather sit here for an hour creating content and then go and enjoy the rest of my day while my assistant is doing all the tedious things that I don’t want to do.

So there you have it! I hope you got loads of value from this topic.

If you have haven’t heard yet, I’ve just opened up Social Engagement Academy. This is a free 5-day challenge and if you want to get access to that, just click below. This starts Monday through the 10th. I’m going to be sharing things with you that are going to produce results in your business.

Click to enroll and see you on the next video!

5 Day Facebook Prospecting Challenge


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