Jason Domingo Terminated From LifeVantage 

Was Jason Domingo Terminated From LifeVantage

Yes! It's True. 

LifeVantage Corporation's Board of Directors recommended this action to terminate Master Distributor, Jason Domingo and Ovation Marketing Group, Inc.

But this did not come to a surprise to many because this happened before In 2009 when Jason Domingo was terminated by the Direct Selling Companu. Zrii for moving his team to LifeVantage.

In addition, the company has filed a law suit against Jason Domingo and Ovation Marketing Group, Inc. in Federal Court in the State of Utah for breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets.

Jason Domingo Terminated From LifeVantage - From The Mouth of LifeVantage President and Chief Executive Officer

Even though Jason Domingo Terminated from LifeVantage is true....this is what happens when you can't keep your mouth shut I guess...

....LifeVantage President and Chief Executive Officer Douglas C. Robinson said it himself:

"We are absolutely committed to vigorously protecting the businesses of our loyal independent distributors. Our Board of Directors believes that this action is appropriate in light of Mr. Domingo's actions and is critical to protect the interests of the entire LifeVantage family, including distributors, employees, preferred customers and investors."

And you know what? This is why companies make you signs NDA's...(Non-Disclosure Agreements). Why would they want their trade secrets available to the public if they are not members yet? It's only fair right?

Jason Domingo Terminated From LifeVantage -  The Truth About Making 100% Commissions and Keeping Your Mouth Closed

Jason Domingo terminated from LifeVantage....sure. It's true. And he was a top income earner with that company.

But when you let stuff leak out, there could be consequences....no matter how good you are at what you do.

You can't let all the secret s out. I mean it's ok to give value to the community but you have to learn how to drip it on to people without giving them the gold.

It's a technique that I learned from using this system.

It's the same technique that helped me earn over $25,000 in just 90 days....without getting terminated.

How awesome is that?

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Not like "Jason Domingo Terminated from LifeVantage". You want to be careful with what you put out there and learn how to do them in a sneaky way.

I wish nothing more than good luck and blessings for Jason. I'm sure he wil find a place to call home in another Direct Sales company soon. 

He's a great leader and a great person regardless of what happened.

To the top we go,